DATE: December 17, 2021

Hi Concert Orchestra!

In the new year, we will start up a student leadership team to increase opportunities for you to take part in leading and making Concert Orchestra the best group it can possibly be. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send me an email at with your interest.

As part of that journey, I am creating a formal way in which you can submit repertoire suggestions. You can visit this form at

I know that I’ve asked several times in the past, and I’ve heard from a few of you with your suggestions, which I have or am seriously considering. If you have told me your suggestions already, I ask that you re-submit your suggestions through this form so that I can have all the suggestions in one, organized place.

Just because I haven’t yet selected something one of you suggested does not mean I don’t value your input. There are many considerations that go into selecting works for us to play, and it’s often the most important factor in determining if we will have a successful trimester or not. So, please have patience. I am listening to your input, and I will select your suggestions in at every possible opportunity.

Mr. Nam

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