SEMYO Code of Conduct


SEMYO is committed to ensuring that all members feel valued and welcomed in our program. In addition to learning to be skilled musicians and how to play cohesively as orchestras, we also learn to work together as a team while respecting our fellow musicians. Regardless of age or background, we all share a common interest in learning and performing music.

SEMYO is also committed to creating an environment that is comfortable, positive, and free of distractions so our teaching artists and students can collaborate to grow as musicians and find joy through playing our instruments together.

To accomplish these goals, SEMYO has created the following code of conduct. All students, teaching artists, staff, volunteers, and visitors, are expected to follow these policies. If at any time you witness inappropriate behavior or feel you are not being treated with respect, please speak with your conductor or a staff member.

Be Kind and Inclusive 

  • Be kind and considerate to others.
  • Support your fellow musicians and be encouraging as we learn together.
  • Include other students in activities and discussion.
  • Avoid language that may be perceived as offensive, racist, or hurtful. If you have said something that may be perceived as hurtful, acknowledge it and apologize.
  • Do not engage in gossip about other students either in-person or through social media.
  • Do not handle or play other student’s instrument(s) without permission.
  • Avoid escalating poor behavior by retaliating against other students (if a polite request does not work, speak with your conductor or a staff member).

Be A Responsible Ambassador For SEMYO

  • When rehearsing at other schools, please do not touch or play with the school’s equipment or instruments unless express permission is granted.
  • No eating or drinking (with the exception of bottled water) in rehearsal spaces.
  • When visiting schools with classes or activities in progress, keep your voices low in the hallway.
  • Be a positive ambassador for SEMYO by conducting yourself in a way that reflects positively on our organization.
  • Always clean up after yourself and make sure spaces are left as you found them.

Adhere to the Attendance Policy

  • Students are required to abide by the attendance policy. Click here for full policy. 
  • Participation in all performances and dress rehearsals is mandatory unless given prior permission from your conductor 4 or more weeks in advance.
  • Students not adhering to the attendance policy will be asked to perform a short audition for their conductor, may be dismissed for performing in the concert, and may be dismissed from SEMYO.
  • SEMYO will do our best to accommodate busy schedules or special circumstances provided you contact us ahead of time.

Practice Respectful Rehearsal Etiquette

  • Be on time and ready to play at the start of rehearsal.
  • Do not speak or play your instrument while the conductor, section coach, or other staff are speaking.
  • Focus on learning and playing your music and avoid distracting others around you with excessive talking or cell phone use.
  • Treat your conductor and sectional coaches with respect and follow all instructions as asked.

Minimize Cell Phone Usage

  • Cell phones should not be used during rehearsal (unless using it as a tuner).
  • Taking photos of others without permission is not allowed and will be considered as a form of bullying.*

*Please note that SEMYO program staff or designated volunteers will periodically take photos and video for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or included in digital or print marketing, please contact Corey Henke at All students can opt out of media usage on your registration form and all requests will be honored. 


The distribution, possession and/or un-prescribed use of narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other controlled substances by members is unlawful and strictly forbidden. Any violation will lead to disciplinary review, including probation or dismissal.


SEMYO will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind and will investigate any reports of bullying or harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, using disrespectful language towards others, teasing, hitting or other inappropriate touching, spreading gossip, and sharing unwanted photos or information on social media. Students who have been bullied or harassed, or individuals who have witnessed another student being bullied or harassed, should immediately inform your conductor or a staff person. If the individual does not wish to communicate with the conductor or onsite staff for any reason, the individual or parent may also contact Corey Henke at or Shawnna Seaquist at

Probation and Dismissal 

Students not following the code of conduct may be put on probation or dismissed without refund at the final discretion of the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. SEMYO may take the following steps to address repeated poor behavior or serious indiscretions of behavior:

  • Conference with student’s parents and SEMYO representatives.
  • Temporary probation from attending rehearsals or performances.
  • Dismissal from the SEMYO program without refund.


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