SEMYO 2020-2021 Season Auditions

SEMYO is pleased to announce that auditions for the 2020-2021 season will take place on June 4 and June 8 for new students. Current students will be assigned an audition date and time and need not sign up. Any students who wish to join for the current SEMYO trimester should contact Corey Henke at

All students are required to audition every year to determine placement in one of four SEMYO ensembles. Because SEMYO offers ensembles for all levels of ability, the acceptance rate is very high.

Read more about SEMYO’s Program and Ensembles Overview

To assure that no student who is qualified to be a member of SEMYO is prevented from joining due to financial constraints, a limited number of scholarship grants are available. Click here to complete a scholarship application.

How to set up an audition (NEW Students only)

  1. Step 1: Complete the audition application.
  2. Step 2: Sign-Up for an audition online. If you are not available on June 4 or June 8 please contact Corey Henke at to schedule an alternate time.
  3. Step 3: Arrive for your audition 10 minutes prior to your audition time and check in at the SEMYO office. Auditions will take place at Assisi heights located at 1001 14th ST NW. Please bring your $25 audition fee and make checks payable to “SEMYO.”

Students should prepare for the audition with help from their music teacher (see below for audition requirements). Please contact SEMYO with any questions.

Audition Requirements

Solo, scales, and sight reading are the primary audition elements. To prepare for the audition please click on the link and open the PDF for specific information regarding your instrument.

2020-2021, Audition Requirements


Violin Audition Packet (2020) 707.48 KB 57 downloads

Audition Packet for Violin (2020) ...

Viola Audition Packet (2020) 575.99 KB 23 downloads

Audition Packet for Viola (2020) ...

Cello Audition Packet (2020) 678.05 KB 34 downloads

Audition Packet for Cello (2020) ...

Bass Audition Packet (2020) 554.47 KB 12 downloads

Audition Packet for String Bass (2020) ...

Flute Audition Packet (2020) 418.39 KB 12 downloads

Audition Packet for Flute (2020) ...

Oboe Audition Packet (2020) 429.31 KB 10 downloads

Audition Packet for Oboe (2020) ...

Bassoon Audition Packet (2020) 399.37 KB 7 downloads

Audition Packet for Bassoon (2020) ...

Horn Audition Packet (2020) 434.05 KB 9 downloads

Audition Packet for Horn (2020) ...

Trumpet Audition Packet (2020) 374.69 KB 13 downloads

Audition Packet for Trumpet (2020) ...

Trombone Audition Packet (2020) 386.90 KB 3 downloads

Audition Packet for Trombone (2020) ...

Tuba Audition Packet (2020) 347.01 KB 3 downloads

Audition Packet for Tuba (2020) ...

Percussion Audition Packet (2020) 523.38 KB 9 downloads

Audition Packet for Percussion (2020) ...

Clarinet Audition Packet (2020 499.73 KB 21 downloads

Audition Packet for Clarinet (2020) ...

    The Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras (SEMYO) seeks to be an organization that values cultural inclusivity and which offers physically and programmatically accessible environments to individuals with disabilities in rehearsals, performances or special events.

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