The Mission of SEMYO

Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras is dedicated to the artistic and personal development of young instrumental musicians.

SEMYO Ends Policy

The following Ends Policy guides the board’s oversight and priorities and justifies the expenditure of organization funding:

  1. Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras (SEMYO) exists to provide all students through grade 12 with opportunities for musical growth and discovery.
  2. Through SEMYO, students will become better learners, increase in musical aptitude, and experience a sense of belonging and purpose by learning and performing instrumental music.
  3. Youth musicians who engage with SEMYO are positively impacted by

committed leaders, educators, and musicians.

  1. SEMYO increases access for youth to participate in music education programs regardless of income level or background in an inclusive environment for all.
  2. SEMYO provides opportunities for residents in Southeastern Minnesota to hear live music performances.

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