SEMYO Auditions 2023-2024

SEMYO invites youth musicians who play a string, woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument or harp to submit an audition for our 2023-2024 season! Auditions will be conducted by video submission. The deadline for submitting an audition video is June 4.

An audition is required to participate in SEMYO.  Because SEMYO offers ensembles for all levels of ability, the acceptance rate is very high. Read more about SEMYO’s Program and Ensembles. Please note students who are currently members of the Concert Orchestra do not need to submit an audition in the spring.

Please follow the steps below to complete your audition. For questions or assistance with submitting your videos please e-mail

Audition Process

To complete your online audition please do the following:

Step 1: (New Students Only): Complete the audition interest form: Click here

Step 2: Download and review the audition requirements for your instrument and determine for which ensemble you are auditioning. Click here

Step 3: Record your audition that must include required scale (s), required excerpt(s) from the audition guidelines, and a 1-2 minute solo of your choice. Students auditioning for Bravura Strings and Prelude Winds may omit the solo requirement.

Step 4: Upload the video to YouTube and set it as ‘unlisted.’

Step 5: SEMYO will begin accepting auditions for the 2023-2024 season on April 1. The audition submission form will be added to this page at that time.

No audition fee is required at this time.

Create Your Audition Video

Once you have prepared and practiced your audition to the best of your ability it is time to record your audition. Please do not record  any part of the audition with a metronome or piano accompaniment. Please review the following recommendations and guidelines to create a successful recording.


Your audition may be recorded using a smartphone (recommended), tablet, or digital camera. High-quality recording equipment is not required!

Shooting the Video

  • Please be sure your full person and instrument are visible so staff can assess your posture and technique. String players please make sure your hands are visible. You may stand or sit.
  • Before you begin playing, please state your name and tell us what you are playing.
  • If using a smartphone, please use the main camera (not the front-facing selfie camera). 
  • Do not stand too close the camera as it may distort the sound; however your person should fill up most of the shot.
  • Mount the camera on a tripod, rest it on something stable, or have someone hold it. We recommend making a test video ahead of time to check the quality and sound levels.
  • Remember the video does not have to be perfect and recording over and over again is discouraged. If you practice the materials and do the best you can, you will make a successful video.
  • You are welcome to record each component (scales, excerpts, solo) of the audition separately and there will be a place on the form to submit more then one video. You may also submit one video with the components combined.
  • Your audition video will only be visible to SEMYO artistic staff. 


This is the correct video placement for string players. When shooting your video be sure we can see your hands and instrument in the shot.

Upload Your Video

Once you have made a satisfactory recording you may upload your audition to YouTube. When you upload your video please include your name in the title and the audition component (scales, excerpts, or solo). For example: SEMYO Audition. Excerpts. Corey Henke. Also, be sure to designate the video as ‘unlisted.’ Please upload your audition as a regular YouTube video and do not use YouTube shorts.

If you are not familiar with You Tube please use the links below for detailed instructions. If you have difficulty please contact Corey Henke at at anytime.

Instructions for creating a YouTube Account: Click here.

Instructions for Uploading Videos from your phone to You Tube: Click Here

Instructions for Uploading Videos from your computer to You Tube: Click Here

SEMYO will begin accepting audition videos after April 1. Please check back for the audition submission form.

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